There are times when we need a safe and confidential space to begin to explore and make sense of the difficulties that we may be experiencing in life. These difficulties can manifest symptoms and behaviours such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and self harm. These can be some of the indicators that highlight the struggle in coping with life’s challenges, and the subsequent emotional distress that can be caused by life events. 

During these challenging times you may be left feeling isolated, confused and unable to make sense of the unhelpful behaviours and emotional responses. It can also lead to the breakdown of important personal and professional relationships.

Accessing support through counselling and psychotherapy can be a helpful intervention in gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, how we may be relating to those around us, and/or in overcoming a current or past trauma. In time, it can lead to more fulfilling internal and external relationships. 

My practice is located within a 10 minute walk from Bromley South Station and is also served by a range of good local bus services. 

It is ideal for those living or working in Bromley North, Bromley Common, Bickley, Shortlands, Sundridge Park, Ravensbourne, Petts Wood, Orpington, Chistlehurst, Hayes, West Wickham and Shirley. 

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